Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness

Losing weight requires time, investment and perseverance Sometimes what stands between healthy eating and weight loss is the need to invest in cooking. I got to talk to a lot of women who started dieting and one of the things that is difficult for them is the preparation of the specific foods they need to eat wont help !! The beginning is difficult and it is a mess, especially those who need to avoid special things like carbohydrates, milk, sugar and there are also those who need to avoid all the ingredients together.Some prepare certain dishes and decide to take the whole family on this journey… and on the other hand there are some who prepare only for them so there is a double job – both preparing food for the family and for yourself.Guess most of you are allowed and desirable certain vegetables so I thought I would advise you to try to prepare everything in advance so that there will be a pull out of the fridge and just heat it on a pan, oven or the quickest and least tasty way – micro : Sends some ideas that can be made at home.

Cauliflower flowers in the oven – Spread some olive oil, paprika and salt and put in the oven, Cauliflower couscous – put the cauliflower in a food processor and press in pulses until the couscous texture you want comes out. Then quickly cook in a pan and do not forget to season with a little olive oil, paprika, cumin and salt. By the way, you can put any spice you see fit

Strips of cabbage with a little olive oil, salt and smoked paprika and put in the oven while stirring occasionally
Those who want to invest a little can make cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and cook in tomato sauceומי . Whoever is allowed quinoa can mix this with the meat

Steamed broccoli with garlic and olive oil is always delicious. Broccoli Soup – Cook the broccoli with water, then grind some of the broccoli so that the soup becomes thicker and of course season as you see fit.
Cold broccoli salad – chopped broccoli for small flowers, add half a chopped red onion, half a cup of broken
roasted cashews
Salad dressing: some mayonnaise (from the healthier ones: (:), some olive oil, a large clove of crushed garlic, salt and some honey for those who are allowed, mix everything together and pour into the salad

(Handheld vegetable spiralizer) Zucchini spaghetti made by a small device worth buyingThen lightly fry to leave a crunchy, wonderful with chunks of chicken or bolognese sauce which of course is desirable with more turkey meat. Even with zucchini can be made stuffed, yummy yummy.
So as you have seen there are all kinds of options, it just takes time and desire and for those women who do not get along I am here for you

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