Improve your family Lifestyle and Quality of Meals

“I have realized that there are many parents who would like to provide their children with nutritious and home-made meal; therefore, I started my cooking business to make that a possibility to many other families.”

Sharon Peri

My Menu

My clients love my cooking. I make simple yet delicious and nutritious meals.

How I Work

Working with me is very easy.

You only have to tell me in advance the dishes you would like me to prepare, It’s as simple as that.

No need to do shopping.No need to cook.

Only choose the dishes and all the family will enjoy from the great dishes.

I’m very flexible and work with you to determine your individual needs.

Charging per service.

My menu is available for you to decide the best dishes for your family, but I’m open to any request you have in mind.


Sharon’s home cooking is all about the passion of preparing foods with excellence.  learn to add spices & flavors to your simple & notorious dishes.  you’ll get lots of techniques, tips and ways to become more efficient

Wear your apron and let me let you be your privet chef at home.

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